HDAPS guide / TP-Smapi guide

This is a guide to get hdaps and tp-smapi work on Lenovo laptops. The guide is written for Ubuntu. During the last couple of version of Ubuntu it has become a lot easier to get hdaps and tp-smapi to work.

Follow below steps to setup tp-smapi and hdaps. I have written this guide with Ubuntu Oneiric in mind, but it should also work on Precise. I also have a depricated uguide. That guide might be usefull for older Ubuntu releases. You can still read the guide here.

Setup apt

This is actually an optional step, but it is nice to have hdaps-utils package installed in order to verify that hdaps is working. Hdaps-utils is a small graphical utility that show how much you tilt your laptop. Hdaps-utils is no longer a part of Ubuntu, but I have created a package in my PPA. Open a terminal and add my PPA with the commandsudo apt-add-repository ppa:jonasped/ppa.


Install tp-smapi-dkms package. The package contains two kernel modules. One TP-Smapi interface and the other one is the hdaps interface. The package is part of the official Ubuntu repository. Install it with the command sudo apt-get install tp-smapi-dkms.


Hdapsd is a small daemon that parks the HD heads if the acceleration is too big. This is done to protect your harddrive against shocks. First you need to install the hdapsd package. You do that by typing in sudo apt-get install hdapsd. The installer starts hdapsd automatically.


Further to above daemon there is a couple of small utilities that can show how you rotate your laptop in real-time. These utilities are found in the package hdaps-utils. This package is not a part of the official Ubuntu repository, but I have created a package and placed it in my PPA. Install this package by typing sudo apt-get install hdaps-utils. After package is installed you can either run hdaps-pivot or hdaps-gl. Try to run hdaps-gl command and you will get something like below. This is an easy way to verify that hdaps interface is working.

As you can see above command is mostly to show that it actually works.

2 thoughts on “HDAPS guide / TP-Smapi guide

  1. I have a thinkpad e430c with elementary os luna that is based on ubuntu precise after executing this command

    sudo apt-get install hdaps

    I got

    Setting up hdapsd (1:20090401-2) …
    Sun Feb 16 23:39:50 2014: Starting hdapsd
    Sun Feb 16 23:39:50 2014: Could not find a suitable interface

    then hdaps-gl gave me

    open: No such file or directory

    • It sounds like you have not loaded a module or you don’t have permission to read the device file. Does dmesg or syslog give any hints?

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