Ubuntu tips and tricks

Here you will find various tips and tricks for Ubuntu that I find useful. You will also find a link to my PPA and a short description of the packages that I have in my PPA.


You can find a few guides below for various tasks on Ubuntu Linux. Many of the guides can also be used for other distributions. You can also find links to the guildes in the menu to the right.


You can find a guide to get hdaps and tp-smapi to work on an Lenovo ThinkPad T500 here. The guide should also work on at least an Lenovo ThinkPad T400. The guide is written to work with Ubuntu.


A small guide on how my backup setup is. I use Duplicity and Amazon S3 for storage.


You can find my PPA at https://launchpad.net/~jonasped/+archive/ppa. I have these packages in my PPA because there are either bugs in the version found in Ubuntu, newer version is available or is simply missing from the official archive.i

Below is a list of packages that I currently have in my PPA.


This is an updated package. An updated version is required for it to work on newer Lenovo Thinkpad models like the T500. The package is available for Jaunty. You can find a setup guide here.


This is Distributed Checksum Clearinghouses. The package is not available in Ubuntu Jaunty. I have packed it for Intrepid, Jaunty, Karmic, Nattym, Oneiric and Precise and made it available on my PPA. I have created a seperate page with instructions on howto to use and install DCC.

Courier packages

I have a copy of the courier packages in my PPA as there is a minor bug in the version of courier included in Ubuntu 11.10 and Ubuntu 12.04. This minor bug causes IMP 5 to throw an error when showing certain mails. The patch fixes an UTF-8 encoding issue. Use this package if you have problems with IMP 5 and Courier IMAP server.

Note that if you are using Raring/13.04 the patch is included in the main Ubuntu archives.


Mediatomb is a free UPnP mediaserver. This is a patched version that contains a patch so it supports Sony Bravia televisions. Use this updated package if you have issues with Mediatomb and Sony televisions. The package is available for Ubuntu 11.10 and Ubuntu 12.04.


Tvheadend is a TV streaming server for Linux supporting DVB, IPTV etc. I use it for IPTV. I maintain a version that is based on the latest code in GIT and a few additional patches. The most important patch is the MPEG ts recording patch. Without this patch subtitles does not work on recordings for me.

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