One of my primary interests is SCUBA diving. I am also a Nitrox Gas Blender. In the local diving club we blend nitrox by partial pressure. Instead of manually calculating amount of O2 to add I decided to make a small program for Android phones.

BlendMe is a small application that assists you as a nitrox gas blender. It will calculate how much O2 you need to add to your tank for a given mix, do you need to bleed before adding O2 etc.

The application is very simple and have only two modes. The two modes are blend by percentage and best mix blending. Blend by percentage is the traditional calculation where you specify the required O2 percentage. Best mix is the mode where you specify the desired depth and the program calculates the optimal nitrox mix for you.

You can find the application on Android Market here.


Remember to always measure your mix after blending. Diving with a wrong mix can be lethal in worst case. Use the program at your own risk.