Home Automation setup

This is my take on the setup for Home Automation.

Below is the hardware that is running Home Assistant

  • Intel NUC with Intel Celeron N2820 CPU
  • 4GB memory
  • SSD
  • Z-Wave.Me USB Stick

Below is the hardware running AppDaeon, MQTT broker etc.

  • Intel Core I5-4690K
  • 16 GB memory
  • Some TBs of disk space


All the software is containers running in docker.

  • Ubuntu
  • Home Assistant
  • AppDaemon
  • Mosquitto MQTT broker

Stuff that I use my home automation to control.

  • Hue light bulps
  • Ikea Tr√§dfri bulps
  • Turning TV on and off
  • My Denon Surround Receiver
  • ChromeCast and ChromeCast Audio devices
  • Outdoor christmas light
  • Coming home lights in the garage and by the front door