Danfoss Living Connect in HASS

Please note that the project is dead due to a high monthly license for bespoken.io.

With a bit of creative thinking I have managed to add my Danfoss Living Connect thermostats to Home Assistant. My integration is still rather new, so how robust the integration is is still to be seen.

To integrate the thermostats you need below.

  • Amazon Alexa account
  • Integrate your Danfoss Link with Amazon Alexa. Alexa support was added late December 2018.
  • MQTT configured in Home Assistant
  • Docker image jonasped/danfosslink2mqtt
  • Bespoken.io account
  • I am not sure if this is actually needed. An Amazon Echo device.

How to set up the integration

      1. Pull docker image jonasped/danfosslink2mqtt
      2. When running above docker image mount a read only file in /config.yaml. Below is an example of the config file.

mqtt: host: MQTT_HOST username: NOT_YET_IMPLEMENTED password: NOT_YET_IMPLEMENTED thermostats: - name: Room one current_temperature: "thermostat/room/current" target_temperature: "thermostat/room/target" - name: living room current_temperature: "thermostat/living/current" target_temperature: "thermostat/living/target"
    1. Define the MQTT climate or sensors in Home Assistant. Below in an example.

        - platform: mqtt
          name: "Room"
          current_temperature_topic: "thermostat/room/current"
          temperature_command_topic: "thermostat/room/target"
        - platform: mqtt
          name: "Living room"
          current_temperature_topic: "thermostat/living/current"
          temperature_command_topic: "thermostat/living/target"