Have you ever wondered what you have in your freezer? With FreezerManager you no longer need to dig all the way through your freezer to check if you have any more steaks or ice cream. FreezerManager lets you keep the content of your freezer in your smart phone.

4 thoughts on “FreezerManager

  1. Hi Jonas
    I have been trying to use your freezer manager and use shares to share it with my wife but I donĀ“t have a clue on how the share function is working?? cant find any documentation on how to share the freezer with another user? Is it somehow possible to create more than one freezer?

    many thanks for your app.

    • Hi

      Thanks for your feedback. I should probably make sharing a bit more simpler.

      All you need to do is to enter the email address your wife is using for her Google account on her Android phone. After that your wife just select “freezer to show” in the menu and she should be able to see your email address.

      As it is now it is not possible to create more than one freezer, but I am working on introducing categories. They are actually intended for categories like meet, vegetables etc. But it could also be used for Freezer in kitchen, Freezer in garage etc.


  2. Hi. Since the last update of Freezer manager to 0.8.x the app is “unable to sync with server”. This happens all the time both on my Nexus 7 (Ausus) and my wife’s Galaxy S3 mini. We used to be able to sync and found your app simple to use and exactly what we needed. I would be happy to pay for the app, if it would only sync to the server. I have tried removing and reinstalling and it will download the previously saved freezer data once after install (data is always from when it last worked) but I can’t update anything because it will not sync. Please advise what I need to do to fix. Thanks.

    • Hi Gordon

      Thanks for your feedback. Can you please try again? There is a bug on the server side than needed a bit of manually cleaning. It should hopefully work now. You might need to uninstall and install the app again.


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